Open The Door

by Stefan Eiberger

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Open the door Open the door, you have been here before the light is shining bright See how it goes, how the water flows everything is here And somehow you know it's easy to be so sane and free from fear Feel that you're strong, here where you belong everything is clear And wherever you go take it nice and slow pain will disappear Go on and on, you are the one silence is golden, it's here and it's holdin' your hear Do you want to live no matter what goes wrong silence is your song And try to forgive if you are not so strong fear is on the run The flowers will bloom in April, May and June the wheel goes on and on But how will you know that you're supposed to go to kiss the rising sun Go on and on, you are the one silence is golden, it's here and it's holdin' your heart Stop and hold on to the one Stop, you've been there for too long How could I go away for hours how could I waste years So am I to walk or is it enough to stay? How will you go through the driving snow rain and thunderstorms? Stay who you are, help is never far everything is here…
If you think that you are human have father, mother, daughter, son a nation and a history your future's waiting, past is gone You think that you've been born and you think that you will die imagine that all this could be just a lie Farewell to sorrow and farewell to pain they can not reach me I'm out, I'm out of the game If you think that you are human you're clever, clumsy, fast or slow you're living down in Elwood Street and you're working at a show Your future is already planned you think that life is in your hand but suddenly you realize: in the end it's just a joke Farewell to sorrow and farewell to pain they can not reach you you’re out, you’re out of the game Future cannot touch you now and past is dust and smoke what you believe that you are now is just an idea just a show But don't believe a word I say Question and then find your way see it, feel it, laugh out loud watch your sorrow fade away and follow the eternal sound and wake up on the final day Farewell to sorrow and farewell to pain they can not reach us we’re out, we’re out of the game
Run With Me 04:03
Run with me together we will be the light Come with me, can you feel the love insight Some will see what we can see and some will fight Some will be in ecstacy and some will hide On and on the rain falls over planet earth But there will be a spotlight there will be a birth Don't be afraid Run with together will find a way Some will leave and some will fly but we will stay Run with me together we will be the light Can you feel, can you hear the love insight? On and on the rain falls over planet earth But there will be a spotlight, there will be a birth Don't be afraid Don't be afraid Run with together will find a way Some will leave and some will fly but we will stay Some will see what we can see and some will fight Come with me, can you feel the love insight
On The Run 02:46
On The Run Your eyes shining bright and there's nothing between us it's just you and I The road it is long but I don't feel uneasy 'cause our friendship is strong Two hundred and fifty thousand kilometres and a lot more to go I tell you my friend that I just want to thank you when I'm with you I'm home Oh, we're on the run through the night Wheels go on and on towards the morning light Ahaaha aha haahaahaha hahaa These words may seem strange to you but I've got a feeling that you understand you go through the curves with remarkable pleasure on asphalt or sand When you're drowning in four gears, well I often wonder if you're humming a song then I pick up that melody and sing for us my friend as we're riding along Oh, we're on the run ... And if one day we may be parted I'll look back and thank you for a lifetime full of loving service but now - let's say no more
Hey Mr. President I think I know how you feel this is just a nightmare too bad to be real Hey Mr. President today I share your tears but please be advised by love and don't be misguided by your fears There is no safety in this world you have to look inside Tell me can you love the devil? can you take his might? can you love the devil? can you find him inside? Hey Mr. President another war is still the same an eye for an eye is not much better it's just killing in a different name Hey Mr. President do you know how to love? Can you turn away from hatred? Are you strong enough? Hey Mr. President if you fight it's still the same they wouldn't want you to react so don't play his game Hey Mr. President tell me don't you know that if you try to fight the devil his power will grow Hey Mr. President no missile can make him turn but the devil's got a secret: a fire of love can let him burn
Modern architecture is still very strange to me They're building ugly boxes without style or harmony Bigger, higher symbols of mankind's insanity and if you stand inside your only thought is how to flee I need to see the sky clouds are drifting slowly by wandering through fields of rye where the soul is aiming high Do they suffer from a collective lack of taste or how can you explain these places of disgrace Reinforced concrete and mirror glass to symbolize megalomaniacal power and human waste I need to see the sky… How can we wake up and turn the steering wheel One by one we realize that buildings that can make us sick have to quit the field a new era will arise Houses will be built considering nature conservancy intelligent solutions for regerative energy more and more we come to live in perfect harmony under the rule of nature so grateful we will be I need to see the sky....
Rain is falling down it's dripping from the trees apart from the dismal grove there stands a lonely beech And deeply dreaming Dropping down The world 'round falls apart She enters in her secret land The snows lie on the plains winter has come the beech with frozen branches on a snow-capped hill and still she's dreaming while around winter's holding sway she's dreaming of the only day she's dreaming of the only way See her standing all alone Dream the world as one The whole world falls apart A new life has begun
Oh, she will find me in the darkest town The night is bright when she's around The sun shines when she brushes her hair Daylight fades when she's not there No matter where I go to she is by my side She wakes me up and pushes me when I try to hide In any case I learn from her every day And even if I cannot see her she's not far away She is my Guardian Angel She cares about me when I'm down She is my Guardian Angel I'm so glad to know that she is around Well, she's the red line in my life She is the steady passenger while I drive In any situation she always knows the way And since I know she's by my side I feel O.K. She is my Guardian Angel… She taught me how to listen to the silence inside And when I simply do it I can feel that pride She's got no beginning and she's got no end And in her very presence there is nothing to defend She is my Guardian Angel...
Love Is Here 03:14
If you drink or if you smoke if you rebel or you choke it doesn't make a difference at all If you're a broker or a freak if you're strong or if you're weak it doesn't make a difference, love is here Love is here, love is here it’s the final death of fear Love is everywhere in everything you know Love is here, love is here Love has always been so near Love is everything and everywhere you go People are like frogs they're like different kinds of dogs it doesn't make a difference at all If you're up or if you're down if you fly or if you drown just look ahead and love is here If you're a worm or a dove underneath and high above love is here on every side of the wall Love is green, love is red sometimes love is blue instead love's in purple and in yellow skies Love is grey, love is white love's exploding dynamite love is orange, love is shining through the night Love is black, love is white love is wrong and love is right love's in every place on earth and in the sky
Look now you have been far away from home and after all you're still alone oh, why don't you just come back?! See how some friends just turn away from you still they don't understand you and maybe they never will So run now and see how the truth will be unfurled Run now and see how it’s spread around the world Look now you have been searching all in vain and still you want to quit the game why don't you just go and play?! And you will see you're not the only one you will be walking in the sun oh, forever and a day And you'll be falling for yourself And you'll be calling for yourself So run now and see how …
Suddenly 05:20
I walk over empty fields in the rain Streams of water coming down in the dark I feel paralysed and strange Wishing things to be rearranged And suddenly I realise what it means to me It is so easy to be free Now I have to pay the prize, so clearly I can see I have to surrender to be free Sunshine follows every rain everybody knows Blue water covers our pain the waterlily grows The river to the ocean flows like everybody knows That's the way, the way it goes That's the way, the way it goes The sun is coming up bright and new The sky like a dream in dark blue Sitting in a park on the green I'm no longer afraid of the dark And suddenly I realise what it means to me It is so easy to be free Now I have to pay the prize, so clearly I can see I have to surrender to be free I have to surrender to be free
The Ocean 02:44
Jetzt bin ich frei Mein ganzes Leben lang hat man mir gesagt ich müsst' was tun, um glücklich zu sein Doch das ist alles Quatsch, das sehe ich jetzt ein, denn glücklich bin ich ganz von allein Je mehr ich glaub' ich müsst' was tun, anstatt ganz einfach in mir selbst zu ruhn', desto weiter lauf' ich fort von mir, meine Basis ist's die ich verlier Ab jetzt leb' ich das Leben wie es will, dass ich es lebe - laut oder still - Niemand redet mir mehr rein, ich glaube nur noch an mein eigenes Sein Ich steig' einfach aus, glaub' nicht mehr dranschon bin ich raus, wer's will, der kann! Die Moral, das ganze Weltbild wankt unhaltbar, wie ein Betrunkener schwankt Denn mein Verstand hielt eisern fest an dem Modell der Welt, das keine Freiheit lässt Schau doch bloß hin - einmal genau - und Du wirst sehn', es ist bloß Schau! Nichts ist so, wie Du es geglaubt', was den Baum verbirgt, ist nur das Laub Die Wahrheit, einfach und ganz schlicht, zeigt sich erst, wenn das Alte zerbricht: Ich bin bereits, was ich gesucht', brennende Sehnsucht, die ich oft verflucht' entsteht nur dann, wenn ich vergess' und mein Glück an Dingen und Leuten mess' Ich nehme meinen Mut zusammen, vertraue, schau', und bleib' dabei Nicht länger bin ich dann gefangen, denn JETZT bin ich frei, nur jetzt bin ich frei! [Musik + Text: Stefan Eiberger 25/4/1998]


Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis 2008 - Bestes New Age Album

With his debut album Open The Door, the singer-songwriter Stefan Eiberger presents an awe-inspiring peace of art. Removed from reality you remain seated for a while, because the echo of these songs is astounding! Like good friends they linger on, for here’s somebody singing with melody, heart and  soul. You listen, think and recognize. Things become clear, the suppressed truth becomes apparent. This album does not pale in comparison to the forthcoming releases of James Blunt, Damien Rice or Ryan Adams. A comforting and beautiful voice in a hectic world. John Lennon would have been impressed.

Mit seinem Debütalbum 'Open The Door' öffnet der mit dem Deutschen Rock & Pop Preis 2008 ausgezeichnete Lieder­macher und Gitarrist Stefan Eiberger in ergreifend-talen­tierter Weise die Herztüren der Singer-Songwriter-Gemeinde. Entrückt bleibt man nach dem Konzert noch ein wenig sitzen, denn der Nachklang dieser Songs ist erstaunlich! Wie gute Freunde verweilen die gehörten Melodien und Texte, denn hier singt jemand mit Herz, Melodie, Verstand, tiefen Worten und ganzer Seele. Heimische Journalisten bejubeln stets Singer-Songwriter-Talente aus Übersee, dabei hätte der aus Hamburg stammende Künstler ebenso viel Aufmerksamkeit ver­dient wie James Blunt, Damien Rice oder Ryan Adams. Eine schöne, beruhigende Stimme in einer unberuhi­gen­den, hek­tischen Zeit. John Lennon wäre stolz gewesen.


released July 1, 2007

Mastered by Frowin von Boyen at
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Stefan Eiberger Munich, Germany

"Faszinierend und fesselnd, wie die beiden Kreativmusiker aufeinander abgestimmt sind. Schon nach wenigen Takten wird klar: Hier treffen sich zwei, die voller spontaner Spielfreude sind, und dies auf höchstem musikalischen Niveau!"

Schwäbische Zeitung
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